Welcome to the Philosophy Edublog formerly known as Boltonian’s Metaphysics Blog.  The aim of this site is to promote spleen-free, polite discussion on issues surrounding philosophy.  Unlike the Comment Is Free website there is no three day cut off point for our sometimes rambling conversation, so please fee free to come in and have a look round and join in the talk!

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  1. Martin! It’s me responding to the “theology is like sex “comment. I had to laugh at your interpretation of this rather outrageous statement of mine. Lovely and funny!

    This is my real name Martin.
    I’m going over to the Guardian to tell you I’ve found my way here and will tell you more about about Gerry Hughes later.

  2. Welcome, Bruce.

    Philosophy of science, religion and anything else is the purpose of this site, so you have come to the right place.

    You can either contribute a post via either Gordy or me, or you can put a shorter piece for discussion in the chatroom. Can I also suggest that you read through the threads that might be of interest to you? Please feel free to comment on anything posted on the site – there is no time limit.

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