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Just wanted to show you that we can even stick video clips in.  How about this for a try?

13 thoughts on “Sport

  1. Gordy:

    Very clever.

    I remember this very well. 1973, BaaBaas versus the All Blacks. Probably the best try ever televised.

  2. Well, what a Godawful weekend that was! Scotland is a pretty limited outfit and England made them look like world beaters.

    England and Ireland this week – what a pair of losers. I am tempted not to waste an hour and a half of my life but I suppose I will in the end.


  3. Not a great advert for the game. A couple of the boys at work were saying that at least it should hasten Ashton’s departure. What’s your take on that?

  4. I am a Lancastrian living amongst Yorkshire folk and defended him (as a fellow Lancastrian) during the world cup. I must admit to feeling pretty smug when England reached the final.

    But now, being honest, I think he lacks leadership qualities (a good number two, perhaps, as he was at Bath). We have let Edwards go and I think that Jake White will take over before the end of the season. I am not sure that it is not time to take a big risk and appoint Edwards as top dog and to pick his own coaching team with a brief to win the next world cup and never mind what occurs between now and then. After all Woodward started pretty badly.

  5. Well, losing to Sporting Lisbon by such a margin fielding only half a team is no disgrace. I didn’t see the match – did anybody else?

    I can now forget football for a while and concentrate on this Saturday’s events. Anybody opening a book on the results?

  6. I think it’s more difficult than usual – weather conditions have not been great – may teams will be playing for pride there have been so many disappointing performances but here goes…

    Ireland to edge it over Wilkinson-less England. England will be demoralised after last week and this will be compounded by Wilkinson’s absence – I’m not sure of the precise stats but what percentage of England’s points have come from JW?

    Italy will narrowly beat Scotland who after last week will feel like they have done all the hard work.

    Wales will beat France. Home advantage and a grand slam to the hosts.

    Please be ready with the creme fraiche to accompany my large slice of humble pie tomorrow at tea time.

  7. Ok – I will also stick my neck out:

    England, Italy and France. But I wouldn’t put hard-earned cash on any of the games.


    Ireland are even crapper than England, particularly without O’Driscoll. Wilkinson has not been playing well for a while and Cipriani might just provide the spark they need.

    Italy have come pretty close this season and look much more like scoring tries than Scotland but they must keep their discipline.

    Wales might be just too over-anxious, although Lievremont’s bizarre selection policy could have a bearing on events.

  8. I shall be rooting for Italy, England & France, but don’t have much confidence in England….I fear Ireland will thrash us….as long as Wales don’t win, I’m not really bothered, though….

  9. Well, I claim two from three.

    England were outstanding today, and so were Wales. I didn’t see the Italy – Scotland game.

    I was right about Cipriani but, for me, the back row as a unit was the highlight, providing quick ball for once. I agreed with the choice of Jamie Noone as MoM.

    France were awful.


    I think you are a natural pessimist.

  10. Guilty as charged, boltonian….

    Was highly impressed by Cipriani….no sign of nerves and seemed to be a much better kicker than JW too. But that’s two very bad performances in a row for Ireland….something’s wrong there, O’Sullivan surely must go now.

    Even though Wales won, I just don’t get the sense with them that they’re on their way to being a strong team for years to come. It’s just a feeling, but they flattered to deceive in 2003 and I see this year as similar….still, a Grand Slam is a Grand Slam, and England would have been happy with it….

  11. A helping of my own words to accompany that humble pie on the Ireland – England game. England played well (why don’t they always play like that?) but Ireland were shocking particularly their handling.

  12. Yes, France were dreadful, what is their coach Lievremont thinking of? I fail to see where they are going.

    All credit to the Welsh. I might agree with Steve, but if they continue to defend so effectively they will continue to be a threat to anyone.

    I am not convinced about England. Balshaw had a good game, but like Skrela for France, I just cannot believe in him any longer.

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